17 Jul 08


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The following is a Sponsored Post:

In a short, simple and direct way of putting things, RevResponse can be defined as an excellent service for webmasters and website owners to monetize their projects. Consider it an Adsense alternative or better yet, consider RevResponse an optimal complementary service to place alongside Adsense on your site or blog. RevResponse provides you with the opportunity to give away free business resources to your website visitors (free magazine subscriptions, white papers, software trials, etc.). You are paid whenever a person downloads a free resource. Offers are delivered by means of widget, banner ads or even text placed on your RSS feed.

As this post is a paid review ordered by RevResponse let’s not just say some nice things about the service. Instead, I’ll focus my attention on facts rather than on vain compliments.

Tough RevResponse is presented like an Adsense-alike service it’s not based on a CPC model, i.e., this guys don’t pay you for clicks. Instead you’re paid for actions (CPA), which means you get a commission for every successful action (subscription, giveaway request, etc.). Payouts have a minimum compensation of $1.50 but payouts range from $2.00 to $20.00 per action being $2.00 the most frequent value.

As an Affiliate you get the chance to chose from 900 offers that include business and trade magazines, white papers, etc. Categories go from agriculture to biotechnology and pharmaceutical in a list that contains more than 30 different categories or business areas. Suppliers list include some very well know players like Macworld, The Economist and eWeek, just to name a few.

By default, payment are made via check but PayPal payment option is also available. Payments are made once you reach $25.00 (like almost every monetizing service) and submitted 45 days after the end of the month in which the revenue is generated. Just like Google Adsense right?

Give RevResponse a try. I’m absolutely sure you won’t be disappointed. You can start by signing up here.
Blog and Forums are also available for news and support.

Have fun!

NOTE: All the links in this post are clean. I won’t profit from any of the links.

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Este sisteme é muito bom!

Adailton Martins / August 13, 2008

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