14 Jun 08

About Web Designing

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Web design is nowadays an expression we read and listen at least few times a day and is part of both our vocabulary and life. Web design is no longer something a few guys do just for the fun of it. Big companies and investors take part of it and is one of the most important today’s tools for delivering most of the brands and products to the consumer in a distinct and innovative way. Web design became of huge importance on today’s markets. A great brand, a great product needs, no doubts about, great (web)design. Still, great design is just a personal manifestation and interpretation. Something that lives on an creative mind. From the individual to the world.

I know there are great examples of excellent web design out there and that every single day a few hundred great websites see daylight, but this period of reflexion I’m having didn’t arose from that. It arose from an extraordinary post I read on Max Web Design last May. By the way a great reference on the delicate relationship between great a blog and design that works. The article talks about “Great Design”. What is it? How do you classify something as good design? What are our references? What are the historical references we can use? I Know we have great technical references and guidelines but what about the subjectivity of the matter?

It’s a great exercise and a great bookmark. Have fun. We’ll get back to this in few days. I’m currently designing a blog dedicated to web design and I’ll ask for your opinion in a few weeks or so. In the meanwhile, please leave your comment, opinion and/or critique.



alvis / September 9, 2008

good website

mushroomw / September 16, 2008

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