03 Feb 08

Stylish Web Design

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stilysh_.gif Going deeper on the Stylish WebDesign review from the last post, I can tell you that their specialty is Custom design with a special focus on the SMB area. Stylish WebDesign makes use of a very professional relationship with their customers. During the development/design process and until project delivery, the team gives the customer the opportunity to see, in real-time, the progress that is being made on the project. It’s that special security feeling and transparency every client, big or small, likes to get from a service provider.

Their not a top company on the web design business. Their not giants and that’s probably their biggest strength. Relationship between Stylish WebDesign and their clients is swift and very personal. Prices are great and development time-frames are reduced.

Another Stylish WebDesign bet is their design directory. It’s a paid directory, so some fees are applied. (USD 9.95 for a normal review / USD 19.95 for an express review). This kind of directory normally results on a high-standard content delivery and it will be a great investment for those who like to be in good company.

The only thing that I think needs improvement is the contact information and details. Customers like to see people behind a business and by people I mean a face, a name, a telephone number and a physical address. Everything else is just plain great.

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